“When you choose NOSH ENG, you work with some of the finest professionals who understand your goals and will put their skills and resources to work with you - professionals who will earn your trust and confidence, every day and on every project”.


    To ensure the highest level of quality and consistency, we concentrate our services on core market sectors that reflect the strength and talent our staff. NOSH ENGINEERING provides a full range of professional services in the few market sector listed below.


    Water and Water Treatment | Cleaning Work | Piping Fabrication & Installation Work | FRP Laminated & Epoxy Coating Work | Media Replacement & Vessel Refurbishment | Tubular Scaffolding Erection | Quality Inspection Work | Relocation & Demolition Work | Man Power Supply | DOSH & DOE Consultation | Pump & Mixer Maintenance & Service | HDPE Lining Tank Repair & Replace | Oil & Gas Downstream Facilities Maintenance | Other Mechanical Servicing Maintenance Work | Steel Fabrication Work | Sheet Metal Fabrication & Repairing Work





Founded in 2014, NOSH Engineering Sdn. Bhd, is a multi-disciplined engineering firm employing professional staffs comprising of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Welding & Quality Inspection.

To ensure the highest level of consistency and quality, we concentrate our services on core market sectors that reflect strength and talent of our team. NOSH Engineering provides full range of professional service in; utilities & facilities maintenance work, Oil & Gas downstream maintenance work, water/waste water treatment maintenance and servicing work, steel fabrication and installation, piping installation, environmental engineering work, tubular scaffolding erection, consultation in Environmental, Health & Safety, non destructive test(NDT) and supply competent man power.

Our portfolio contains a variety of projects in all sectors throughout Malaysia. This includes construction of new plant, refurbishment upgrading,service contracts and maintenance works

"To ensure the highest level of consistency and quality, we concentrate our services on core market sectors that reflect strength and talent of our team".

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The management of NOSH ENGINEERING is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of its employees and subcontractors, maintaining the safety integrity of services provided to clients and acting as a good citizen in the area in which it work. The objective of this policy is to prevent harm to persons and events that lead to unsafe situations.

To implement this policy NOSH ENGINEERING management promotes the following:

- Operating a ‘target zero’ principle for unsafe acts and conditions by encouraging reporting of all incidents and accidents to management for further investigation and follow up.
- Continuing to strive for improvement in quality and safety management and performance.
- Regular health and safety trainings to instill in all employees the responsibility to work in a way that ensures their own safety and that of their colleagues and to encourage them to intervene in unsafe acts or situations.
- Annual review of the policy, after which it is explained and made available within our organization. All staffs are made aware of their individual OHSAS obligations. The policy is also made available to subcontractors and interested parties.



NOSH ENGINEERING strives to be the client’s choice for engineering services based upon our ongoing record of meeting or exceeding their expectations.

We are committed to:
- Providing long-term commitment and support to our clients.
- Achieving the highest level of innovation, skill and competence in our field
- Planned and performed to achieve the required quality within budget and schedule requirements.



We are committed to providing the highest quality service and products to our clients and to add value to their investment. Our end to end engineering processes and systems provide the means by which we can deliver our service and commitments.

We treat our clients business as our business by providing value for money and obtaining the most competitive pricing

We will be honest and open in all our dealings to ensure we obtain the trust of our clients

We actively promote teamwork and expect each person to take responsibility for their work, and treat others with respect

We aspire to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions in our production and provision of service.