“When you choose NOSH ENG, you work with some of the finest professionals who understand your goals and will put their skills and resources to work with you - professionals who will earn your trust and confidence, every day and on every project”.


    To ensure the highest level of quality and consistency, we concentrate our services on core market sectors that reflect the strength and talent our staff. NOSH ENGINEERING provides a full range of professional services in the few market sector listed below.


    Water and Water Treatment | Cleaning Work | Piping Fabrication & Installation Work | FRP Laminated & Epoxy Coating Work | Media Replacement & Vessel Refurbishment | Tubular Scaffolding Erection | Quality Inspection Work | Relocation & Demolition Work | Man Power Supply | DOSH & DOE Consultation | Pump & Mixer Maintenance & Service | HDPE Lining Tank Repair & Replace | Oil & Gas Downstream Facilities Maintenance | Other Mechanical Servicing Maintenance Work | Steel Fabrication Work | Sheet Metal Fabrication & Repairing Work




At NOSH all staff are actively encouraged to acquire knowledge, new skills and competencies and to keep abreast of the developments in technology. Regular meetings are held between technical team members to share knowledge and HR participates to identify training opportunities for staff.

The followings are some of the training's that our technical teams have attended:

1. American Society for Non Destructive Testing Level II (ASNT)

2. Liquid penetrant Inspector Level II (DYE PENETRATION)

3. API 510 (Pressure Vessel inspector)

4. Visual welding inspector CSWIP by TWI

5. Authorized Gas Tester (AGT) register with DOSH

6. Entry Supervisor (ES) register with DOSH

7. Authorized Entrance (AE) training by NIOSH

8. Standby Person (SP) training by NIOSH

9. Hygiene Technician II- Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

10. Pressure Safety Valve Calibration training by SIRIM

11. Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

12. Welder Performance Qualification Test

13. Scaffolder level I & II

14. Site Safety Supervisor (SSS)

15. Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor- Mechanical & Civil

16. Ministry of Finance- Bumiputra Status

17. Construction Industry Development Board - Bumiputra Status

"At NOSH all staff are actively encouraged to acquire knowledge, new skills and competencies."